ABCD is available as a convenient managed security services.

ABCD is available as a convenient managed security services.

24/7 Managed Monitoring

ABCD managed services allows organizations to eliminate the most advanced threats round the clock, in real-time. With 24/7 monitoring, a trained team of security professionals identifies and responds to potential threats in very early stages so that there is minimal disruption and downtime to daily business operations.

Incident Response and Forensics

ABCD’s Incident Response and Forensics service exists to solve the various challenges associated with security incidents: Poor endpoint visibility, incomplete information and the gaps in knowledge about attacker movement.

Discover Internal Threats

With its machine learning and advanced user behavior analytics, ABCD provides early detection of hijacked accounts, insider threats, compromised servers and more.

AI-Powered Application Control & File-Level Encryption

Leverage artificial intelligence for intuitive and centrally managed application control & vulnerability assessment. With the optional File-Level Encryption, you get the best of both worlds – endpoint protection and data security.