Discover Internal Threats

Award-winning User Behavior Analytics to discover the internal cyber threat.

Why this is important

With today’s sophisticated hackers, a cyber breach has become a matter of when, not if. Hackers can get inside your IT infrastructure despite the best defenses. Most organisations do not know if they are breached, until months later when it is too late.

It becomes essential to monitor for malicious user activity inside the infrastructure, so that you can know as early as possible when a hacker had gotten in. Early detection prevents a large data loss and public relations disaster.

With its machine learning and advanced user behavior analytics, ABCD provides early detection of hijacked accounts, insider threats, compromised servers and more. 


Stop Internal Threats

Discover insider threats and hijacked accounts that are traditionally difficult to detect.

Computer Password

Stop supply chain attacks

ABCD’s user and entity behavior analytics are ideal to defend against sophisticated supply chain attacks like SolarWinds, which can only be detected early via suspicious user and network behavior.

Protect on-premise and cloud servers

Recent data breaches were typically due to compromise in servers. This is because servers contain the crown jewels of the organisation. ABCD provides advanced sensors and cybersecurity analytics for servers. Get the visibility to catch the advanced persistent threats or APTs.

Proven solution

Our award-winning user behavior analytics are deployed by large enterprises and government

Address key cyber risks in your organisation


Hijacked user accounts or machine

Insider Threat

Disgruntled employees who steal data

Compromised Servers

Hackers installed backdoors in servers (including supply-chain attacks like SolarWinds)

Microsoft 365 Monitoring

ABCD also provides easy-to-use Microsoft 365 monitoring, for organisations that want to ensure data security in Microsoft 365.